Hospital Food Safety Audit for monitoring food hygiene and health and safety standards using Medical Audits Technology System

Medical Healthcare Audits food hygiene standards audit software includes a suite of audits for monitoring compliance with hospital food safety including:

✔ Raw Materials audit
✔ Food Preparation audit
✔ Food Storage audit
✔ Healthcare Cooking safety audit
✔ Service audit
✔ Infection Control in food safety audit
✔ Hand Hygiene in food handling audit
✔ Hospital Food handler's audit
✔ Documentation audit for HACCP and ISO 21000
✔ Pest Control audit

Food Safety audit tools to measure your organisation's compliance with NHS National standards for Healthcare food and drink (NHS England, Nov. 2022) and includes: :

  • Hospital Staff food safety Training,
  • Infection Prevention and Control related to food,
  • Health and safety during the storage, preparation, handling and serving of food and beverages
  • Safe work processes related to healthcare food handing.

What is the SUPER Food audit tool?

The SUPER Food audit system combines a range of concise, targeted audit tools designed specifically for auditing compliance with healthcare food safety standards (NHS National standards for Healthcare food and drink, NHS England, Nov. 2022).

The SUPER Food audit system is suitable for use where ever food is stored, prepared or served, its an essential part of food safety and quality assurance processes.

SUPER Food is prepared and served in an environment that is:-

✔ Safe
✔ Ultra-effective
✔ Patron Focused
✔ Exceptionally Led
✔ Responsive

Our kitchen and food safety audit software has been designed to assist with easy observational audit of ISO 21000 compliance, HACCP hazard analysis points and Environmental Health and safety standards as well as the newest NHS standards for Healthcare food and drink (NHS England, Nov 2022).

Using Medical Audits Food safety Audit software you can:-

  • Enhance your quality hospital assurance systems by using our tracking systems to provide assurance of remedial actions taken
  • Address governance and risk assessment requirements
  • Use our range of Trend reports to help provide for a culture of continuous improvement
  • Compare your compliance rates across multiple sites and multiple areas
  • Produce visually stunning real time dashboards and RAG tables

Auditing the most recent, up to date food safety standards (NHS National standards for Healthcare food and drink (NHS England, Nov 2022).

Medical Audit's SUPER Food audit software has been developed to support organisations in meeting newest NHS food quality and food safety requirements.

  • Audit compliance
  • Track and monitor time to close issues identified during audit
  • Produce automated star rated certificates of healthcare food safety and cleanliness to display at department level

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