Joint commission International (JCI) Accreditation Consultancy

Specialist Infection Prevention Training

Preparation of local Infection Prevention Plan - Comply with JCI recommendations

There are 11 IPC standards in the JCI Infection Prevention and Control Section- Each standard is listed with a number of measurable elements and a description of the intent of the standard.

JCI standards focus on a risk based approach to IPC and require organisations to monitor patient outcomes such as HCAI rates and outbreaks which are then investigated and examined to identify risks and shape the IPC programme.

We can assist you in identifying risks and integrating your IPC plan and Infection Prevention programme into your hospital's quality improvement and patient safety programme.

Designing local Infection Prevention and Control Programme

  • We can assist with development of your Infection Prevention programme and advise on programme content and how to prioritise components of the programme based on local resources and local risks.
  • We can teach you how to best evidence compliance with Joint commission International (JCI) standards and measurable elements and meet the patient safety goals.

Designing a Surveillance Programme for healthcare associated infection for Private Hospitals

Organisations need to monitor and measure their performance using a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These include compliance audit results for practice such as Hand hygiene and Invasive device management as well as patient outcomes such as surgical site surveillance and blood stream infection surveillance data.

We can assist you with prioritising surveillance and the development of both point prevalance surveys and ongoing prospective surveiilance systems.

JCI Accreditation Information
Joint commission International (JCI) purpose

"Joint Commission International (JCI) identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety with the world. We provide leadership and innovative solutions to help health care organizations across all settings improve performance and outcomes. Our expert team works with hospitals and other health care organizations, health systems, government ministries, public health agencies, academic institutions, and businesses to achieve peak performance in patient care.

JCI helps organizations to help themselves through:

  • Earning JCI accreditation and certification, recognized as the global Gold Seal of Approval®
  • Providing leading education
  • Delivering evidence-based advisory services"

(JCI, 2017)

Joint Commission International (JCI) role

Joint commission International (JCI) are a not for profit organisation whose role is to improve the safety and quality of care worldwide by providing education, standards in bet practice, consultation, and evaluation services.

Joint commission International (JCI) values

The Joint Commission was founded in 1994 and is currently actively accrediting healthcare organisations in 90 countries.

Ensure Your Hospital is Prepared for Your Next JCI Inspection

At Medical audits we have a team of experienced healthcare professionals including Infection Prevention Professionals with decades of experience in preparing for and delivering JCI inspections.
We can help you ensure you are ready for your next JCI inspection by:-

  • Development of Infection Prevention Programmes
  • Preparation of Infection Prevention Plans
  • Design of Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) surveillance programmes
  • Theatre and Isolation room microbiological commissioning
  • Preparation for accreditation / audit interview

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JCI Inspection Preparation.

Medical Audits have a team of experienced Infection Prevention Professionals with decades of experience in setting up and running Infection Control programmes

Joint Commision International Accreditation Standards For Hospitals
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