University Cleaning Audit Software - Estates Management

Medical Audits Estates and Facilities audit software provide real-time, dependable, accurate audit data to enable colleges and universities monitor the standards of cleaning and hygiene on their campuses.

Audit Cleaning Standards in Universities and Colleges – WHY?

The living, learning and social density on college and university campuses increases the opportunity for bacteria and viruses to be passed from person to person.

There are often large classes with several hundred students packed into hot, dry lecture halls, where coughing and sneezing can easily pass bugs from one person to another.

"Schools, in general, are places where infectious diseases can quickly be spread, but more so at college campuses where students have close contact, but also close intimate contacts”(Centre for Disease Control)

We know Norovirus and other foodborne viruses can spread from contaminated food and water and from touching contaminated surfaces.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recent outbreaks on campuses point out the need to prevent foodborne illnesses through hand washing and vigilant disinfecting of common areas.

Recent outbreaks of Meningococcal disease in colleges in the U.S. indicate just how dangerous outbreaks on college campuses can be.

University Wide Visibility of Hygiene Risks and Non-Conformances

Our College cleaning audit software gives your college visibility on the risks and elements that need your attention and provides evidence of the high quality services you provide.

Protect Your College Students and Staff from Infections

  • Medical Audits University Cleaning Audit Tool can help you ensure that students, staff and visitors can experience the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • A clean environment can help prevent the spread of Norovirus, Mumps, Influenza, Tuberculosis (T.B), Meningitis and more – reducing absenteeism, preventing harm and helping keep your students and staff safe.

Provide Quality Assurance and Value for Money for University Boards and Management

  • University Boards need to ensure policies, procedures and resources are in place to maintain and continuously raise the level of cleanliness across their college campuses
  • Our University cleaning software systems provide the capability for monitoring the policies and procedures and the effectiveness of the resources deployed to ensure a high standard of cleanliness.
  • By identifying inconsistencies and non-conformances in cleaning standards across your College you can utilise your cleaning resources more effectively.

Manage Cleaning Resources effectively and efficiently using Medical Audits University cleaning audit tool

  • Audit cleaning against Healthcare standards for highest quality assurance
  • Monitor progress towards targets
  • Identify areas for targeted deep cleaning
  • Target audits to specific locations
  • Comply with most up to date NHS cleaning standards
  • Assign your staff based on needs analysis

University Cleaning Audit software helps you provide Evidence of achievement.

  • With College Cleaning Audit Tools from Medical Audits you have the evidence that that you adhere high standards of cleanliness and hygiene – not only to meet but to go beyond current national guidance (for example, British Standards Institution PAS 5748 and/or National Patient Safety Agency specifications).
  • Evidence that you take into account the needs of different student areas and allow for flexibility in the deployment of resources.
  • Risk-based cleaning for each area of your college

Our College audit systems provide a range of cleaning audit tools, cleaning audit software and estates management systems to meet all your University and college cleaning audit needs.

  • Audit university environmental cleaning standards
  • Record room by room compliance with our cleaning audit tool
  • Check compliance against all relevant standards
  • Use our college cleaning audit tool to carry out management reviews of standards
  • Monitor tidiness and storage on university corridors, walkways and stairwells
  • Audit tutorial rooms, common student areas and student halls of residence
  • Flexible auditing and reporting design with our College cleaning audit tool

Our facilities management range of College and University Audit Software Systems Include:

Quality Assurance


Easy to use optimised user interface


Tripled audit capacity


Real time digital dashboards and reports


Ward digital dashboards


Immediate feedback


Action Plans

Audit standards meet the CQC & HIQA standards shown here as well as Infection Prevention & Control Standards

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