Efficacy Audits to comply with National standards of Healthcare Cleanliness using Medical Audits Technology System

Medical Audits National cleaning standards audit software has been updated to include a new Efficacy audit tool to assist healthcare organisations to comply with the new National standards for healthcare cleanliness, 2021.

Diane Holland, Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Efficacy audits are used to measure the healthcare organisation compliance with:

  • Training,
  • Infection Prevention and Control,
  • Health and safety,
  • Safe work processes related to cleaning.

Our Efficacy audit software has been designed to assist with easy observational audit of the cleaning methodologies, correct use of PPE, safe use of chemicals and safe ways of working.

Using Medical Audits Efficacy Audit software you can:-

  1. Enhance your quality assurance systems
  2. Address risk assessment requirements
  3. Use our range of reports to help provide for a culture of continuous improvement
  4. Compare your audits of functional area cleanliness standards with your efficacy audits

"I can see straight away how we will have a massive improvement in our audit process. The Medical Audits system seems easy to use and the staff trained last week seem confident in using it."

Dawn Pickering, Head of Domestic Services, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Auditing the most recent, up to date cleaning standards

The new National standards for cleanliness in healthcare 2021 require hospitals and healthcare facilities to commit to a new Cleanliness Charter that promotes a consistent high standard of cleanliness.

Each healthcare facility is required to categorise their departments using new risk categories that are dependent on the function of the area.

These risk categories then dictate the cleaning frequencies for each functional area.

Each functional area is then required to display a star rating based on the cleanliness of the whole department.

Medical Audits Healthcare Cleanliness audit software has been updated to support organisations in meeting these new requirements

✔Audit compliance by all 6 new Functional Area Risk Ratings as detailed in the National standards for Cleanliness in Healthcare
✔Track and monitor time to close issues identified during audit
✔Produce automated star rated certificates of cleanliness to display at department level

New National standards for Cleanliness in Healthcare 2021

Monitor cleaning standards and Audit effectiveness of Cleaning in Healthcare using cleaning audit software from Medical Audits.

The National standards of healthcare cleanliness 2021 were developed to promote governance, oversight and Management responsibility for cleaning standards across the NHS and Private healthcare sectors.

These new standards for cleanliness are applicable to all areas of healthcare encompassing both acute and non acute settings.

The standards require all healthcare providers to monitor cleaning processes as well as cleaning standards on an annual basis and compare results with those recorded during standard technical audits of cleanliness for quality assurance purposes.

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