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Real sustained improvements using Medical Audits Software

Getting to Good – Isle of Wight NHS Trust

Releasing time to care
"Medical Audits dramatically reduces the time spent auditing and enables our staff across acute, community, mental health and learning disability and ambulance services to invest their time in our patients"
Mary Aubrey, Interim Chief Nurse and Quality Improvement Advisor to the CEO, IOW, NHS Trust

Increased Staff Involvement in Auditing and Quality Assurance:
"Use of Medical Audits has shown a visible and consistently improved compliance with the completion of audit activity and allows for actions to be documented when non-compliance with required clinical practice is found"
Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive
Isle of Wight NHS Trust Annual Quality Report 2020)

VIEW Mary Aubrey, Interim Chief Nurse and Quality Improvement Advisor to the CEO, IOW, NHS Trust

"We know from our audit results our equipment is cleaner and our patient environment safer and we know from our surveillance of HCAI that we have seen a major reduction in C Difficle acquisition in the Trust."

"We have had no Norovirus or Infuenza outbreaks since Medical Audit system was implemented over a year ago so we know outcomes for our patients have improved."

Rosie Dixon, Nurse Consultant, Sherwood Forest Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust

Utilising the Medical Audits auditing and quality assurance software Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust:-
  • Reduced rates of HCAI
  • Saved the trust over £900,000 in 3 years
In an era of funding deficits, this is an example of how spending cleverly can generate real savings, improve patient outcomes and increase staff morale.

Kingsbridge Private Healthcare Group

Sarah Marks, Chief Executive Officer, Kingsbridge Private Hospital Group

Since implementing Medical Audits, we have seen month on month improvements in our audits… This has been very positive and has provided an organisation wide overview of our processes for quality assurance.

Aneita Mc Master
Patient Safety Manager
Kingsbridge Private Hospital, Belfast

Introduction from Group CEO

"There comes a time in every business where no matter how much effort you put into the old methods they just can’t grow anymore and no longer suit your operational needs.

We spent a lot of time researching platforms that could help us with our road blocked systems as we grew. We knew what we wanted, a platform that gave us universal oversight of all audits across our whole group of hospitals; environmental, clinical documentation, Infection Prevention and governance.

The search took some time and we considered building a bespoke system so when we found Medical Audits we were delighted.

It gave us everything we had aspired to have in one place (and probably more), it is easy to use and it looks really professional.

The designers were clearly on our wavelength."

Sarah Marks
Chief Executive Officer
Kingsbridge Private Hospital Group


In just 6 months using Medical Audits Antimicrobial Stewardship software, Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust compliance with Antibiotic review in 72 hours increased from 62% to 100% and staff hours required for AM Surveillance audits reduced by 50%

"The system has enabled engagement with prescribers whilst auditing on wards - allowing timely feedback of appropriate or inappropriate prescribing practice."

"This has released hours of antimicrobial stewardship team time for other antimicrobial tasks. The immediate feedback and data analysis possible using Medical Audits system has been a huge benefit in assisting with staff training in AM Stewardship … I love it!"

Netta Tyler, Antimicrobial Pharmacist, Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Mater Private Healthcare Group improved doctors compliance with 5 moments of Hand hygiene from 30% to 80% using Medical Audits Hand hygiene audit system

"Staff have commented that I am on the wards more often – I am – Using TS+ has meant I no longer spend hours in the office entering data and preparing reports.... since I started using TS+ for my hand hygiene auditing, the quality of reports I send to hospital board each month is really detailed - a number of consultants have actually approached me and asked for hand hygiene education after seeing these reports."

Eileen Mc Auliffe, Infection Prevention & Control Nurse, Cork Mater Private Hospital

Using Medical Audits Hygiene Auditing and Quality Assurance sofware, cleanliness of commodes rose from 78% to 90% and environmental hygiene compliance rose from 78% to 92%


Discussion paper on pitfalls and challenges of auditing written by Ann Higgins DIPC, Medical Audits

Using Medical Audits Hand Hygiene auditing software to target individual hand hygiene moments - Audit and feedback led to improving compliance from 20% to 90%?


In April 2016, Ann, Clinical Director at Medical Audits participated in an Expert panel convened in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss agents and methods used for skin antisepsis prior to surgery or IV catheter insertion. The panel concluded that as well as further studies into the use of application method for skin antisepsis prior to surgery and intravenous catheter insertion, a full review of this topic is a priority. The group have gone on to carry out a systematic review of this topic which is awaiting publication.

Hospital Hub published an article written by Rosie Dixon, Nurse Consultant at Sherwood Forest NHS Foundation Trust.

In the article Rosie explains how utilising the Medical Audits auditing and quality assurance systems enabled IPCNs across their 3 hospitals to increase clinical audit and feedback.

They also found that empowering Ward Managers with individual access to issues raised against their departments increased accountability.

Together, these interventions reduced rates of HCAI and saved the trust over £900,000 in 3 years.

We need to provide ward staff with better audit tools, designed for their needs. These audit tools need to be concise, targeted to key standards and with very clear explanation of what is expected for compliance. Every audit system must be designed with these high impact principles.

We can then achieve REAL ownership of audit data, REAL quality improvement and REAL, long term positive changes to make our hospitals safer for all.

Sherwood Forest NHS Hospital Trust
Manchester City Council
Health Service Executive
Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Saolta University Health Care Group
Guy and St Thomas NHS Hospital Trust
Derby College
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals
Becton Dickinson and Company
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Birmingham Community NHS Hospital Trust
Royal College Of Surgeons In Ireland RCSI
Barts Health NHS Trust, St Bartholomew's Hospital, The Royal London Hospital, Whipps Cross Hospital, Newham Hospital
Noonan Facilities Services And Solutions
South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust
Chesterfield Royal NHS Hospital Trust
AfPP - The Association for Perioperative Practice
Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust
Coombe Women & Infants University HSE Hospital
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals
Mater Private Hospital Dublin
George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust
OCS Hygiene Facility Management
Bradford Teaching Hospital
Kings Bridge Private Hospital
The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Hospital
Cappagh National Orthopaedic HSE Hospital
Mater Private Cork
Homerton University Hospital
Sligo University Hospital
Isle of Wight NHS Trust
National University Of Ireland Galway
Milton Keynes University Hospital
Apleona HSG Facility Management
Ireland East HSE Hospital Group
Mercy University HSE Hospital
Servizi Malta Facilities Management and Cleaning
National Gallery Ireland
Daniels Audits Hospital
Galway University HSE Hospital
Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
Irish Society Of Hearing Aid Audiologists
craddock house nursing home
Mansfield teaching hospital
National History Ireland
Royal Veterinary College
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Emerson Automation Solutions
Hospice Harolds Cross Blackrock Wicklow
Saint Lukes Hospital
Pembroke Clinic
Central Nottinghamshire Hospitals plc
Eccles Clinic
152 Harley Street Clinic Audit
Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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