Waste management audits are so easy to carry out with TS+ mobile paperless auditing technology

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Monitoring of the management of waste is an essential component of auditing compliance with standard precautions.

Safe waste management prevents staff harm, reduces risk of spread of infection and promotes a clean, safe environment for patients.

Medical Audits healthcare waste management audit tool enables monitoring of practice to evidence compliance with standards and helps identify areas for further training and intervention.

Management of Waste

Healthcare Risk waste is a component of risk registers in the majority of hospitals and Trusts- whether Acute or Community or Long Term Care or Primary Care, Risk waste is generated and has to be carefully managed to prevent risk to Healthcare workers and the Public.

Non Risk Waste needs to be separately stored and discarded so that the costs of managing risk waste can be kept to a minimum and so that any recyclable waste can be collected and disposed of according to National requirements Segregation of waste into Risk and Non Risk waste is the first part of the waste management process.

"I contacted Medical Audits as I needed a software system to help me manage all the waste management audits and pre-acceptance waste audits across our whole Trust.

They showed me some options within my budget and I have to say, I'm delighted with the software. It’s easy to use, works with and without Wi-Fi and is exactly what I need to make the audit process more streamlined.

I've been using it a few months now and the detailed reports I am sending out are getting very positive feedback from both Trust staff and our clients. We are now extending use of the software across other areas of Soft FM including Cleaning"

Sam Yates, Waste Manager, Birmingham Community Services NHS FT

Using TS+ Auditing Technology, you can monitor compliance rates and staff knowledge of your policies with just a touch of the screen.

Transport and Storage Waste must then be separately stored, transported and disposed of meeting stringent National and International standards and guidelines. Internally, in healthcare facilities Healthcare Workers (HCW) transport of waste must be in specifically assigned risk waste or non risk waste containers these then have to be cleaned and decontaminated after use. Waste bags and bins must be kept clean and stored safely away from the public and away from Vermin.


Under EU law, the generator of the waste is ultimately responsible for disposal of the waste. For this reason, Healthcare facilities must label and tag all waste and carefully monitor the waste disposal company to ensure all standards are met. Transport of healthcare waste is governed by ADR regulations ls under the remit of the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) regulations - Transport of dangerous goods by road - and these too need to be followed to ensure all healthcare settings meet best practice standards and guidelines.

With TS+ Waste management audit tool , your organisation’s waste management and waste segregation can be audited efficiently and simply and results fed back to staff in real time

a clean environment is a key component of infection prevention programmes. keeping patients free from harm

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Audit standards meet the CQC & HIQA standards shown here as well as Infection Prevention & Control Standards

"Audit and feedback as part of a strategy for improving performance and supporting quality and safety in European health care systems"

Signe Agnes Flottorp, Gro Jamtvedt, Bernhard Gibis, Martin McKee

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