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Training by a team of experienced Infection Prevention professionals

At Medical audits we have a team of experienced Infection Prevention Professionals with decades of experience in training and education.

  • Our online portal means your staff can learn from their work place or any other location.
  • Their new knowledge is evaluated.
  • They can gain certification and continuous professional development points.

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We know every moment counts ... and we are committed to making sure every moment is an opportunity to teach, learn and ultimately improve practice and prevent harm.

Hospital Acquired Infection - Facts

According to the most recent ECDC European Centre for Disease Control prevalence study, 8% of patients acquire an infection in hospital

These infection include: Urinary tract infection, respiratory tract infection, surgical site infections, and bloodstream infections all of which increase patient length of stay morbidity and mortality

Standard precautions are the simple things we do everyday all the time to reduce risks of infection. These standard precautions can help prevent infection spread and protect both staff and patients. It is essential that all healthcare workers are familiar with these standard precautions and practice them all the time.

Simple measures like maintaining social distances, cleaning our hands and high touch surfaces and covering our mouth and nose can prevent spread.

Medical Audits have designed a range of training programmes for all grades of healthcare workers which can be delivered online and which are designed to help staff understand these standard precautions and why it is essential that they practice them all the time to prevent spread of infection.

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