Monitor Compliance with Health and Safety Standards for Healthcare

Medical Audits Health and Safety Audit tool has been developed to support health and safety representatives and management teams in hospitals and care homes to carry out required monthly and fortnightly departmental Health & safety Audits.

Medical Audits Health and Safety Audit tool provides Support for Safety Representatives and ensures healthcare facilities are well placed to meet newest 2016 Standards and Guidelines

Hospital safety reps are required to carry out local audits of Health and Safety, identify hazards and risks and report these to management. The audits should be carried out fortnightly to monthly and take about an hour per area.

In a large hospital, this could be a full time job without the help of local representatives at department level. Yet with many auditing, how can you be sure of the standard and consistency of audit and how can you ensure all your representatives are trained to audit the standards?

Robert Judd, Head of Health and Safety & Security
Isle Of Wight NHS Trust

Medical Audits Technology Systems have designed a healthcare H&S audit tool to not only assist with speeding up the audit process but also with the standardisation of the audit process.

Our systems enable auditing of:-

✔ Electrical hazards
✔ Fire Safety
✔ Manual handling risks
✔ Clinical environment risks
✔ First Aid and PPE
✔ Slips, trips and falls
✔ And so much more

Ensure compliance with Legislation using Medical Audits health and safety system

✔ Using medical audits health and safety system audit tool you can quickly and efficiently monitor hospital manual handling, fire safety and other clinical risks and generate reports in real time.
✔ You can audit and generate reports against all the core Healthcare Hazards.

Identify Hazards using Medical Audits health and safety system

✔ Medical Audits develop our systems with reference to National Health and Safety standards for Healthcare across the EU and the UK.
✔ You can audit against all the newest Health and Safety standards for hospitals and be confident you will identify issues quickly and efficiently.
✔ Medical Audits Health and Safety Audit system will support healthcare facilities in identifying local hazards and provide detailed information for local health and safety committees

Improve compliance & save time using Medical Audits hospital health and safety audit tool

✔ The Health & Safety Authority (HSA) and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) specifications for healthcare detail the requirements for a safe working environment for staff.
✔ Our health & safety audit tools are designed to help you meet these Hospital H&S standards.

Triple your Audit Capacity using Medical Audits hospital health and safety audit tool

✔ Using our audit systems can Triple your auditing capacity
✔ Don’t take our word for it - ask any of our satisfied customers

Our health and Safety Audit Software is designed with reference to

✔Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
✔Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989
✔Safety, Health and Welfare at Work 2005
✔Dangerous Substances (1979 and 1972)
✔Chemicals Acts 2008 and 2010
✔Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
✔Organisation of Working Time 1997
✔Health & Safety Representatives Guidance (2016)

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