Hospital Estates Audit Software

The healthcare environment has been recognised as a reservoir for organisms and has been identified as associated with the spread of infection.

Therefore, in order to ensure it is safe for patients, staff, visitors and other service users, audits of the patient environment are essential to providing safe effective care.

Medical Audits Estates and Facilities audit software provide real-time, dependable, accurate audit data for NHS, Private and HSE Hospitals.

This audit software then gives your healthcare organisation visibility on the risks and elements that need your attention and provides evidence of the high quality care and services you provide.

Facilities Audit Software designed specifically for Hospitals

Whether your organisation is a private hospital group, an NHS foundation trust or NHS community care team, a HSE hospital or you work with intellectual disabilities the need for audit to evidence compliance with Key Performance Indicators is an essential part of your quality programme.

Karina Svarcaite, Compliance Manager, Assurance & Contracts, Essentia
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Customer Testimonial after 3 years of using Medical Audits software, the team have 5 full time auditors using Medical Audits software all day and every day

Medical Audits Facilities Management audit tools help you meet these needs

The facilities audit software is suitable for all healthcare facilities.

The audit tool is designed to assess the general ‘state of repair’ of the organisation’s buildings, departments, rooms etc. and to check if fixtures, fittings, furniture and equipment in these rooms is fit for purpose and in good state of repair.

You can audit the whole healthcare facility for maintenance and repair issues and then forward these for action.

Features and Functionality in our Facilities Software

✔ Flexible, auditing software to meet all your hospital auditing needs
✔ Mobile auditing software for hospitals and the community
✔ Real-time digital dashboards
✔ Web-based reporting system
✔ RAG charts and tables in real time
✔ Tracking of issues raised during audit
✔ Embedded action plans
✔ Worklist generation and export
✔ And many more...

Maintenance Helpdesk for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Our Hospital Maintenance helpdesk can be used in conjunction with other software systems in the Medical Audits range to enable users report estates and facilities repair and maintenance issues as they carry out audits across your organisation.

Users can seamlessly move from our NHS cleaning audit or our Health & Safety audit or indeed from any of our 80+ audit systems to report a maintenance issue directly to our helpdesk.

For more information about our Estates and Facilities Maintenance Helpdesk Click Here

The facilities and estates audit is designed with reference to National and International best practice standards and guidelines including:

✔National cleaning standards (NHS Improvement, 2019)
✔High Impact Interventions (NHS Improvement & IPS, 2017).
✔HBN 00-03 standards
✔HBN 0002 standards
✔Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) National Standards for the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in acute healthcare services (2017).
✔Guidance for Application of Standards and Recommended Practices in Primary Care Local Decontamination Units (HSE, Ireland 2016).
✔National Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland (HIQA, 2016).
✔Code of Practice for Decontamination of Reusable Invasive Medical Devices (HSE,2012)
✔Standard Infection Control Precautions (SIPCs) (Health Protection Scotland 2016).
✔EPIC 3 Guidelines on prevention of HCAI in England (2012).
✔Quality and Process Improvement tools (Infection Prevention Society(IPS, 2008)
✔Management and disposal of healthcare waste (HTM 07-01) - England 2013.
✔Scottish Health Technical Note 3 NHS Scotland waste management guidance (2015)

Unique range of audit and quality assurance auditing software to support the teams who support healthcare providers

At Medical Audits, our highly advanced, scalable and flexible audit and Quality Assurance platform gives healthcare providers the software they need for auditing.

Our facilities management audit tools provide the real time data to help them identify solutions that will increase their efficiency and improve the service they provide

Medical Audits Healthcare Audit Software Product Range includes:

✔ Huge range of Clinical Audit software for Nursing and Medical staff
✔ Infection prevention and control audit software
✔ Surveillance software for monitoring Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)
✔ Hand hygiene auditing software
✔ National cleaning standards audit software
✔ Patient safety audit software including falls audit tools, pressure ulcer audit tools etc.
✔ Cleaning Standards auditing software for hospitals
✔ Estates and facilities auditing software
✔ Environmental hygiene audit software
✔ Health and safety auditing software
✔ Software for auditing linen, waste, sharps, patient equipment and so much more
✔ Bespoke audit software development

Computerised off the Shelf (COTS) Software Solutions and bespoke software Solutions for all healthcare providers available

We work in partnership with healthcare providers such as hospitals, care homes, Disability services and contract companies, continuously designing and developing bespoke audit software to meet their auditing and commissioning needs.

Our audit software customers report:-

Improve Patient Outcomes
✔ Reduced Infection rates
✔ Reduced Outbreaks
✔ Reduced Patient Harm
✔ Reduced device associated infections

Efficient Utilisation of Resources
✔ Increased efficiencies
✔ Real time feedback and reports
✔ No duplication of data entry
✔ Tripled auditing capacity
✔ Hours of report preparation time saved
✔ Released clinical hours

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Audit standards meet the CQC & HIQA standards shown here as well as Infection Prevention & Control Standards

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