Surgical Site Infection Prevention care bundle software – One together SSI prevention bundle software

Surgical site Infection (SSI) Prevention care bundle software

This Surgical site infection (SSI) prevention audit system combines 3 care bundle audit systems in one package to enable monitoring of peri-operative practices proven to reduce risks of Surgical site infection

Key Features of our Surgical site infection (SSI) prevention care bundle software

  • Easy to use audit platform to encourage participation
  • Web based data collection on mobile devices such as iPads, Smart phones, Laptops and Computers
  • Off-line auditing with remote upload if you prefer
  • Real-time data collection in your individual wards, theatres and recovery bays with results populated onto live digital dashboards
  • Promote best practice and local ownership of key actions proven to reduce SSI

One complete package of care bundle audits providing assurance across the entire patient journey to help prevent Surgical site infection

  • Pre-operative SSI care Bundle Software
  • Ward based care bundle for monitoring standards of care pre-operatively.
  • Includes standards for pre-op screening and hair removal and more.
  • Intra-operative SSI Care Bundle Software
  • Operating surgery bundle for monitoring standards proven to reduce surgical site infection rates such as antibiotic timing, skin prep and more.
  • Post - operative SSI care Bundle Software
  • Care bundle for monitoring standards for prevention of SSI in the post-operative period. Covers areas such as wound management, dressing selection and more.

Evidence Compliance with Surgical Site Infection Prevention Best practice

  • Results at your fingertips for your commissioning body no matter who they are
  • Our audits are designed and developed to meet the following standards:
    • Care Quality Commission (CQC)
    • Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA)
    • Joint Commission Internation (JCI)
    • Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA)

Peer reviewed audits to help monitor best practice

  • Designed to meet the specific needs of the operating theatre department
  • Encompasses multiple best practice standards including:
    • World Health Organisation (WHO)patient safety check list
    • National Institute of health and Care Excellence (NICE) quality standards QS49,MTG31,CG174,PH36,CG74
    • NICE guideline 180
    • Centre for Perioperative care National safety standards for invasive procedures (NatSSIPS), 2023
    • Health Building Note(HBN) 26
    • Care Quality Commission CQC Inspection framework for surgery in acute hospitals
    • Health service executive, HSE National Policy and Procedure for Safe Surgery, 2013
    • Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) operating theatre audit tool 2014

Real - time Data Enables prompt Intervention

  • Immediate access to audit results at your fingertips
  • Monitor and evidence compliance
  • Identify patterns, trends and areas for improvement

Consistent Data analysis and hospital-wide assurance

  • Ward SSI care bundle to ensure best practice in prevention of Surgical Site infections at ward point of care
  • Operating Theatre SSI care bundle to ensure best practice in prevention of Surgical Site infection in the perioperative period
  • RAG Tables and Chart by ward, theatre, speciality and hospital
  • Support change management and best practice initiatives
  • Compare rates of compliance across departments, hospitals and health service areas

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Using our audit systems can triple your auditing capacity

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