Dementia and Delirium Care software for auditing standards of care across healthcare settings.

Suitable for use in all acute hospitals and community care settings including:

✔ Care homes
✔ Nursing homes
✔ Dementia services
✔ Residential care services
✔ Disability services
✔ Hospital wards and departments

Dementia Care paperless Audit tools

Our dementia care audit system is one of a range of paperless audit systems for monitoring compliance with patient assessments.

The range includes audits to monitor:

✔ Nutrition and Malnutrition (MUST) assessments
✔ Falls risk assessment software
✔ Patient Hydration assessment audit system
✔ Ceiling of Treatment software
✔ Management of Do Not Resuscitate (DNAR) orders


This nursing care software has been developed by healthcare professionals to enable the monitoring of your hospital’s compliance with NICE guidance and best practice standards in the care and management of patients with dementia.

This dementia audit software is based on review of standards, guidelines and research relating to best practice for caring for patients with dementia including:

  • Royal college of Psychiatrists, 2017. National audit of dementia care in general hospitals 2016-2017. Third round audit report.
  • National Institute for health and Care Excellence (NICE) Clinical guidelines 103 - Delirium: prevention, diagnosis and management. (July 2020)
  • National Institute for health and Care Excellence (NICE) Quality Standard 184 – Dementia: prevention, diagnosis and management. (June 2019)
  • Royal college of Psychiatrists, Report of the National Audit of Dementia Care in General Hospitals 2011-2017

Our dementia care audit has been developed with reference to the following healthcare standards and guidance:-

✔ Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014
✔ Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009
✔ National standards for safer better care (HIQA, 2012)
✔ Prevention and control of infection in care homes – an information resource (Health Protection Agency, 2013).
✔ National Standards for Residential Care settings in Ireland (HIQA, 2016)
✔ National Standards for Settings for Older People in Ireland (HIQA, 2016).
✔ The fundamental standards of care (CQC, 2017)

Standards of Nursing Care

All patients should be assessed for risk factors for delirium on presentation/admission to a healthcare setting.

All patients with risk factors for delirium should have a delirium assessment on admission and if their clinical condition changes.

Recognised risk factors for Delirium include:

  • Age 65 older
  • Cognitive impairment and or dementia (past or present)
  • Current hip fracture
  • Severe clinical condition (deteriorating or at risk of deteriorating)

Example delirium /dementia assessment tools include :

  1. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-V) criteria.
  2. CAM (Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) is a standardized evidence-based tool that enables non-psychiatrically trained clinicians to identify and recognize delirium quickly and accurately in both clinical and research settings.
  3. 4AT assessment - Assessment test for delirium & cognitive impairment.

Identifying patients with dementia/delirium

Many healthcare organisations use a purple butterfly symbol to identify patients with dementia so nurses and other care givers can readily identify their need for specific assistance and care inteventions.

The Delirium and Dementia Audit software assists with monitoring and evidencing compliance with these and many other recognised standards for caring for those with dementia or delirium.


Because all our software systems combine into one complete auditing and quality assurance system, you can seamlessly audit across acute hospitals, primary care teams, Hospices, residential care settings, Dental practices, GP practices, out-patient clinics and more.

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