Pressure ulcer prevention bundle: Measure compliance with Pressure Ulcer Prevention Strategies A Key Performance Indicator and part of Nursing Metrics

Medical Audits quality and safety system includes a complete pressure ulcer prevention care bundle that records detailed analysis of each individual patient’s pressure ulcer risk score and the interventions implemented to reduce each specific patient’s risk of developing a pressure ulcer while in your care.

Our pressure ulcer auditing system gives immediate access to data meaning that immediate interventions can be made to reduce risks identified and take actions to prevent pressure ulcers occurring.


A pressure Ulcer (or also called a pressure sore) is defined as skin damage due to friction, sheer or pressure. Skin damage is redness, discolouration of the skin, a break in the skin, a blister or a deep open wound.

A perfect example- everyone has had is a blister or Ulcer on a heel from new shoes rubbing. This is due to friction.

You know when you are sitting in the one position, and not moving and your bottom gets sore so your have to lift yourself up and change your position- Imagine if you couldn’t lift yourself up… how sore and uncomfortable would that be?

In fact the reduced blood supply to that area of skin, over time can cause untold skin and tissue damage, not just that visible on the surface, but deep in the tissues.


Care bundles for preventing pressure Ulcers group a number of interventions proven to reduce risks of pressure ulcer development into a research based bundle of care.

These include carrying out an assessment of patient’s risks for developing a pressure ulcer at admission and then implement interventions to reduce the risks.


Preventing harm such as the development of pressure ulcers is considered a key performance indicator of nursing care in many organisations and nursing metrics as well as care bundles have been developed to not only monitor the care provided but also to evidence the care given and interventions put in place to reduce risks of Pressure Ulcers.

Using Medical Audits Technology System to capture compliance with Pressure Ulcer prevention strategies saves hours of time double entering data and makes the actual audit process itself faster and more efficient.

As with all Medical Audits’ systems, the data is available in real time on the audit devices AND on up to the minute digital dashboards, providing staff with feedback as soon as the audit is completed.

a clean environment is a key component of infection prevention programmes. keeping patients free from harm

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