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Hospital AUDIT and SURVEILLANCE Software Systems

speech The best cleaning software programme I've ever used.

Definitely get all the reports I need off it and Ann has always been really supportive if we've got a problem.

I would always recommend this software. speech

speech I contacted Medical Audits as I needed a software system to help me manage all the waste management audits and pre-acceptance waste audits across our whole Trust.

They showed me some options within my budget and I have to say, I'm delighted with the software. It’s easy to use, works with and without Wi-Fi and is exactly what I need to make the audit process more streamlined.

I've been using it a few months now and the detailed reports I am sending out are getting very positive feedback from both Trust staff and our clients. We are now extending use of the software across other areas of Soft FM including Cleaning speech

speech We are working with Medical Audits software and undertaking our environmental cleaning and maintenance audits, the system has been tailor made for us and the team have worked really hard to pass all our expectations.

The system is very easy to use ,user friendly, you can get all the reports out of the system.

We are really enjoying it, this software is amazing and the tablets work well.

Its a 5 star service, the team is very passionate about what they do and are very proud of the system.

We have expanded it to our other trusts that we are working with.

Any issues the team are always on the ball and sort them out very quickly and in an efficent manner, we love working with them and we continue looking forward to working with them. speech

speech We implemented the Medical Audits IPC Audit package in August and the implementation and roll out has been incredibly successful.

We have had lots of positive feedback from staff on the wards, department managers and divisional leads. It allows easy access to real time data.

The system is incredibly easy to use! Its been great in the trust and we're looking to expand speech

speech Our experiences have been very positive – the end users find the system easy to use and have adopted it quickly. The reports and dashboards give us all the data we need and more at our fingertips.

The timely and efficient onboarding and implementation as well as the speed of response to ensure the software meets our Bespoke requirements is testament to Medical Audits expert customer support and professionalism.

This is Fantastic software for providing trust assurance and a richer assurance back to original team speech

speech We’ve been using the Medical Audits Cleaning and Efficacy Audit software now for a year and love it.

The system is really easy to use and the reports give us the detail we need to monitor compliance.

The Efficacy Audits are so much faster using Medical Audits and save us a lot of time typing and writing as we can speak into it while we audit. It’s a very good system – I would recommend it to anyone. speech

speech We've had some training on the Medical Audit's system and its been absolutely fantastic.

You always get this bit of apprehension about going on to a new system but we've found the Medical Audit's system to be very good, quick and easy to understand and after just 1-hour session I found my supervisors flying.

I might be a bit slower than they are, but actually its really
great. speech

speech There comes a time in every business where no matter how much effort you put into the old methods they just can’t grow anymore and no longer suit your operational needs. We spent a lot of time researching platforms that could help us with our road blocked systems as we grew. We knew what we wanted, a platform that gave us universal oversight of all audits across our whole group of hospitals; environmental, clinical documentation, Infection Prevention and governance. The search took some time and we considered building a bespoke system so when we found Medical Audits we were delighted. It gave us everything we had aspired to have in one place (and probably more), it is easy to use and it looks really professional. The designers were clearly on our wavelength.

Once we engaged with the company the process to implementation was very smooth and the support was excellent. The system is easy to use and the reporting function, whilst it takes a while to set up is excellent. Our staff have engaged well with the new system and love that they can do multiple audits at the same time on a tablet, including adding in pictures and comments. Ann Higgins is an excellent trainer and has provided us with her expertise throughout. We would definitely recommend Medical Audits to any company that wants to see 'the whole picture'. speech

speech Provide assurance for the trust board and CQC.

The Medical Audits data has helped demonstrate to CQC that we have implemented the CQC standards.

Helped us [move from special measures] to overall CQC rating of good. speech

speech Monitoring adherence to national Infection Prevention standards is a fundamental part of Clinical Governance and Quality Assurance for all healthcare providers. We had been undertaking audits using paper based tools that required manual data inputting for many years. This was a very labour intensive process and meant that audit reports also had to be manually created.

We knew there had to be a better way of conducting Infection Prevention audits so we reached out to colleagues in another Trust who recommended Medical Audits. We arranged for a demonstration and immediately knew that this was the audit system for us.

The Infection Prevention team trialled the system before rolling it out so that we could see exactly how it worked. It was very easy to use so we had every confidence that our ward and department based auditors would have no problem using the new system. Medical Audits provided a training session for our auditors and provided the team with all the support we needed. The roll out was very smooth and the feedback from users has been very positive speech

speech We implemented the Medical Audits Cleaning audit software 3 years ago now and are very happy to recommend the company and the audit software.

They have been really helpful, responsive and professional throughout the whole implementation and since.

As part of the process we asked them to complete a full import and configuration of all our rooms and cleaning elements for us... we didn’t realise all the work that Medical Audits would do to ensure everything was accurate, how much checking and re-checking they would do and manage the whole process for best results. They also did a really thorough job ensuring we had no duplicates and removing out-of-date data so we would have a complete and accurate record to audit from.

i am happy to endorse the company. speech

speech As somebody who's not really computer literate,

I actually do find the system very easy to work

So from my perspective, yes it's been beneficial. speech

speech The Birmingham Community NHS Foundation Trust are implementing the medical audits system across all of our services and sites.

This has revolutionised the auditing process for the Infection Prevention team and for clinical staff, allowing real time audit and action planning in order to achieve compliance.

The system has allowed for an improved tracing process and supports completion of the audit cycle to improve practice speech

speech Having reviewed everything on the market, we implemented Medical Audits software for a number of our IPC audits, surveillance of HCAI and cleaning (estates) 3 years ago now.

I would definitely recommend Medical Audits software to any IPC team and facilities management services team... It’s fantastic. speech

speech Regarding the Medical Audit Tool, it's been really useful...

Really enjoyed the session, learnt lots...

Training has been really useful... speech

speech ..The new Medical Audits system for auditing of national standards of healthcare cleanliness.

..The software feels really easy to use and everyone feels really confident about the implementation.

Medical Audits have delivered training and been really patient with the team and made sure everyone felt comfortable and confident before moving on to the next section. speech

speech Staff are using the software on a daily basis and finding it quick and efficient to add risks and incidents

The software provides the right data for the management team to investigate

The management team don't even have to think about it, we're just following the logic of the system and its giving us really good learning outcomes

It allows our hospital group to make quick efficient decisions

Medical Audits Incident and Risk Management Software is much easier than other software I've used previously, to implement and use speech

speech The course delivered by Medical Audits for the BreastCheck Southern Unit on 'Standard Precautions, Hand Hygiene, & Infection Prevention' was very worthwhile.

We got a lot of positive feedback from the staff who attended; feedback on the swabbing gave everyone something to talk and think about. speech

speech Medical Audits have been assisting the National Museum of Ireland in relation to staff information sessions, comprehensively providing their knowledge and expertise on the subject matter of Covid 19.

Their flexibility in meeting our needs are exceptional, with no request not met. With multiple sites and needs, Medical Audits, in particular Ann Higgins thoroughly addressed all our staff concerns, with frank honesty and lots of wisdom and tips.

Staff felt comfortable asking questions and they received confident answers to their questions speech

speech We are delighted to have purchased the Medical Audits software .. we tried it out a few years ago and loved it – it’s great that we have eventually been able to get funding for it – we know that it saves us loads of time as we don’t have to input manually all the data and provides us with lots of detailed audit information to help improve compliance.

The ability to show staff their audit results as we progress through the audit allows ward based education and the guidelines and standards available on the tablet are a great reference for
this. speech

speech Medical Audits system has been a revolutionary step change in the auditing processes within the Isle Of Wight NHS Trust.

It is a quantum leap from previous auditing methods employed by us.

The tactile and ergonomically designed package coupled with intuitive useability, makes quick and regulatory compliant auditing against the ISO standards fully achievable.

The intuitive software coupled with Medical Audits Ltd aftercare as a company, with informative Technical advice and fast follow up service along with 'personal touch' relationship make this the ‘go to’ company within the auditing marketplace. speech

speech Staff have engaged really well with the system. In fact they are auditing a lot more than we thought they would. I would certainly recommend the Medical Audits system – it’s very easy to get the data into the system and extremely easy to get the data back out. You can certainly use it to improve the quality of your service. speech

speech Glenaulin Nursing Home recently availed of the services of Medical Audits Ltd to conduct an internal audit on Infection Prevention and Control.

We have been extremely impressed with the quality of their service, the professionalism they display and timeliness of the information they provide.

It has been advantageous to experience the consistency of their work and efficiencies of their service. Clinical director, Ann Higgins has extensive knowledge and understanding of our service needs and what is required to achieve the required standard. They are knowledgeable, engaging and proactive.

What we have learnt from our experience with Medical Audits Ltd throughout and post audit have been extremely beneficial as we aim to copper fasten and embellish our infection prevention and control measures.

I would highly recommend the services of Ann and the Medical Audit team. speech

speech We found the audit and consultancy service provided by Medical Audits to be excellent.

The auditor was professional, knowledgeable and extremely thorough. The report they provided to us was detailed and well-presented and their recommendations really helpful.

We found the service excellent value for money and would be happy to recommend Medical Audits to others. speech

speech We have been using the Medical Audits software in Mayo University hospital for the past 2 years now and we find it absolutely great.

The backup from the company is excellent as well – if we have any questions or queries all we need to do is email or phone and they get back to us very quickly.

The system is also very effective. It can produce detailed reports very quickly and easily.

In fact on HIQA’s last visit to the hospital we were able to provide them with all the information they needed straight away. They actually commended us on the detail of the reports and how thorough they actually were.

We have recently extended the system out to all departments in the hospital with lots of staff now trained to use it.

We are delighted with it. speech

speech We used the services of Medical Audits to carry out a full audit of our ISO13485 quality system and processes. This was the first time we used them and the entire process was very professional and the feedback / reports provided were very detailed and provided assurances of our systems.

The auditor was very knowledgeable and the software used to carry out the audit was extensive and provided all the key information required.

The supporting documentation received after the audit was excellent and will be critical when providing evidence to our Notified Body. Will be more than happy to use their services again. speech

speech Ann was very professional and clear in all she said.

We would recommend anyone who is not sure if they are doing everything they can to keep their staff safe to invite Ann do complete a Covid assessment for them. speech

speech We are all delighted to have purchased the Medical Audits system here in Chesterfield Royal.

The system was implemented smoothly and without any issues.

The company have been extremely supportive and great at advising us.

We are looking forward to continuing our auditing and surveillance! speech

speechAfter a number of years using the Medical Audits Quality Assurance systems for monitoring environmental Hygiene and Infection Control, we purchased the Cleaning audit software to monitor our cleaning contract.

Medical Audits were very helpful and supportive in getting us set up with all our individual rooms and cleaning elements, advising on layout and the best ways to collect the data we need.

They also assisted setting up a process for our contractors to access the system and participate in report completions.

We would be happy to recommend both the software and the company - The Medical Audit’s system is fast, efficient and easy to use with explanations available at the touch of a button. speech

speech Since implementing Medical Audits, we have seen month on month improvements in our audits… This has been very positive and has provided an organisation wide overview of our processes for quality assurance. speech

speechWe have been using Medical Audits Technology System at Papworth for auditing antibiotic prescribing practice and for providing educational feedback to prescribers.

The system has enabled engagement with prescribers whilst auditing on wards - allowing timely feedback of appropriate or inappropriate prescribing practice.

This has released hours of antimicrobial stewardship team time for other antimicrobial tasks. The immediate feedback and data analysis possible using Medical Audits system has been a huge benefit in assisting with staff training in AM Stewardship … I love it!speech

speech The Medical Audits system has been a huge positive for us here in the coombe.

I have found it easy to use, easy to teach, staff here have embraced it and we are seeing the results of using it.

It’s been a really positive edition to our hospital and I’d be happy to recommend it to anybody speech

speechSeeing the system in action, we were impressed at how quick and easy it was to use. We were able to give instant feedback to the ward manager with a completed and comprehensive report.

A great time saving asset with the ability to track issues and close the audit loop. A smart way to assure on IPCspeech

speech Apleona are delighted to recommend Medical Audits, as a professional consultant in the Health Care Sector.

Ann Higgins has provided Apelona with invaluable expertise and advice, providing such a professional service in respect of evaluating our cleaning service by carrying out a detailed audit and evaluating the quality and safety of the service delivery of our contracts within the Health Care Sector.

Following through with practical and measureable recommendations in a very timely manner.

Ann’s approach is both, professional, informative, detailed and comprehensive.

Apleona has no hesitation in recommending this company speech

speech We are pleased to recommend Medical Audits, as a consultant for the heath sector.

Ann Higgins has provided the company, Noonan, with a professional service in respect of evaluation of our cleaning service and the quality and safety of the service delivery across a number of our contracts.

Ann has evaluated the quality of our service and reported with integrity on quality improvements required, where applicable, with profession communications to all stake holders on quality and safety performance, including the delivery of a detailed report, quality improvement plan and quality indicators proposed for each location.

We found the company to be of the high professional level and an asset to our strategies for the hospital accounts.

Medical Audits have supported Noonan in evaluating a number of our sites’ positions pre HIQA visits and in the preparation and evaluation of the systems to ensure compliance to the national standards.

We highly recommend the company and the improvements in our standards are evident as a result of the contribution they have made to the business.

Testimonial relating to Healthcare Consultancy and Independent audit of cleaning contract and cleaning standards speech

speech In consultation with Medical Audits training division, we developed a train the trainer programme to suit our specific needs and resources.

As hygiene services co-ordinator, I can say this course comes highly recommended . We realise the outcome of the training will have a hugely positive impact on cleaning services and the standard of cleaning throughout the whole hospital.

We found the whole experience fabulous and everyone really enjoyed the expertly delivered mix of laughter, real life examples and best practice standards in the learning process speech

speech We’ve been using Medical Audit’s care bundle audits for over 3 years and it’s so easy that anyone can do it. We spend a few minutes training staff to use the system then set them off auditing against best practice standards.

Staff in every ward and clinical department in our hospital and across our 9 satellite clinics can ‘own’ their own data and their own standards - so everyone can see what’s being done really well and exactly where improvement might be required. speech

speech As a group of experienced medics who are involved in the education of medical students, we wanted to be able to teach and assess hand hygiene in our curriculum. We also wanted to be able to integrate it into all of our clinical teaching.

What we learned at the training provided by Medical Audits was an in depth understanding of hand hygiene and how to teach not only the skill but also the evidence and rationale.

This is invaluable when teaching healthcare students and
staff. speech

speech The excitement here in the Coombe is immense.

We are all really delighted to have the Medical Audits Systems in place.

We loved the system the first time we saw it and just knew the detail and follow up possible with the system was exactly what we wanted for our Quality Assurance and Auditing processes.

I am personally thrilled – we are up and running after just one day of training. Implementation was so easy and I am happy to recommend Medical Audits Systems to any hospital! Christmas has come early to the Coombe! speech

speech We have purchased the Medical Audits Technology System because as a senior manager it gives me the oversight of practice across the organisation I need.

Its ease of use and its detailed reporting functionality makes it simple to implement. speech

speech We know from our audit results our equipment is cleaner and our patient environment safer and we know from our surveillance of HCAI that we have seen a major reduction in C Difficle acquisition in the Trust.

We have had no Norovirus or Infuenza outbreaks since Medical Audit system was implemented over a year ago so we know outcomes for our patients have improved. speech

speech The engaging style of delivery hit exactly the right note for our international audience and the lively Q & A session which followed was a testament to the way in which Ann engaged with the delegates. We have already decided to invite Ann back next year. speech

speech We are delighted to say we have just purchased and implemented the Medical Audits system in our hospital.

We chose the medical audits systems because of its comprehensive database of standards and its auditing and education flexibility.

The experienced healthcare and technical knowledge from the Medical Audits team gives us the expert support we can rely on. speech

Medical audits tool is a superb audit system.

It can be used by staff as part of their daily clinical work and audit information gathered as routine. The operating system is simple to use, intuitive and produces real time data in a usable format. It is web based so doesn’t require additional server space and is continually updated.

As an audit and reporting system, I can’t see anything else available that does it any better.

speech The reports are excellent and the dashboards give a great overall picture at the touch of a button.

The system is user friendly, easy to navigate and very comprehensive.

I would highly recommend this audit system. speech

speech Ann provided an afternoon workshop on Infection Prevention and Control for the Irish Hearing Society Annual Conference - We had very positive feedback and everybody thought the session was the highlight of the 2 day conference (believe me to keep everybody attentive and so engaged for the last talks on a Saturday was a miracle in itself). We hope Ann will be able to provide further talks for us in the future speech

speech I found the service provided by Medical Audits excellent and Ann was a joy to deal with.

I will be booking the Medical Audits service to return to do a re-audit with us once we have implemented our action plan.

I will be definitely recommending the service to colleagues. speech

From an oversight and governance point of view we have complete detailed visibility of up to the minute Trust compliance. Furthermore we are able to feed back concise audit data to wards and raise and close off issues found during audit. This has been hugely beneficial during CQC visits.

The ability to conduct different types of auditing simultaneously has huge performance benefits for our team, saves so much time and combined with the impromptu education has big positive impacts on hospital compliance.

We are all delighted with the TS+ auditing system.

Our Trust have now purchased the Medical Audits System, after we trialled the audit system last year and loved it so much. We are using it for all our Infection Prevention Auditing

We particularly like the way the system generates detailed reports from the information input during the audit and the notes and new functionality and detailed comments that we found to be much more powerful than the audit report alone – we have already noted improvements...

Few thoughts but it’s really difficult to explain simply why we think the system is so good without listing lots of system benefits over other systems...

Our Trust mission is to improve health and wellbeing through compassionate, safe and effective care and this is one of those rare IT systems that is really easy to use (and hard to break) lets you capture exactly what you do without loads of extra steps and gives you the information you need to continue to improve patient care and achieve excellence.

I love using Medical Audits Systems because it means releasing time to care... and still geting audits done

It was a pleasure to work with Ann. I found her to be professional, reliable and very supportive to students.

She demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Infection Prevention and Control and has published in this area.

Ann provided the students with up to date lecture notes, reading material and references which facilitated evidence based learning. She utilised varied methods of educational delivery, teaching aids and teaching methodologies. She mixed practical, interactive and theoretical lectures to support the well designed programme.

The feedback from the students was excellent and they commented on the relevance to practice and clear practical examples during lectures and being very effective in assisting in their learning and understanding of the course content.

The more I use TS+, the more I realise how easy but powerful my auditing has become. The staff love having immediate reports and training them with TS+ is effortless and

This very versatile tool consists of a variety of care bundles which we have already discovered can be used between multi disciplines and specialities….It provides efficient auditing because all data is reported real time, so there's no more sitting at a desk paper flipping, doing calculations, then manually typing up non-compliances. It's all done for you with colourful dashboards and diagrams demonstrating results. This allows for multidisciplinary (MDT) feedback at the point of contact.

Helpfully, the Quality bundle allows capture of data required for our Safety Thermometer underpinning several strategies, saving further staff time and therefore cost.

I would thoroughly recommend trialling if not formally adopting TS+ Medical Audit technology.

We've been using Medical Audits system for 3 years now.
Our HPSC return is instantaneous and the audit system helps us keep our compliance rates over 90%.

Its so easy giving feedback in the ward and all staff members respond positively to the education and seeing their dashboards and reports. We as a hospital are very happy with TS+

speech i have found the Medical Audits software system very easy to use, very informative, our trainer has been a great help, we are looking forward to using the system for our cleaning audits. speech

I just wanted to recognise the programming team for all of the work on the system …it takes the system to a new level of functionality

I feel that a clear strength of the system is due to the shear amount of data it can collect and when combined with the report functionalities the system has the potential to be used for anything from simple snapshot audits up to full operational reviews.

Ann’s overall preparation for, and delivery of, the lectures was outstanding and the students were provided with up to date lecture notes, reading material and references which facilitated a clear linkage between what was taught and the underlying evidence to support arguments made. The feedback from the students was excellent and all performed well in their examinations and assignments, indicating clear understanding of the material presented during the programme.

A useful resource within our organisation, especially with our impending CQC visit.

I found the TS+ Auditing System to be very user friendly and efficient. It provides instant and detailed results making it so easy to provide feedback at the time of auditing encouraging staff to participate in the audit process and address non compliances there and then. The system significantly reduces the workload of the auditor in terms of generating audit reports facilitating more frequent audit in the clinical environment.

I found the audit devices easy to use … and obviously will prevent duplication of data entry as once the observation is recorded, there is no requirement to record and upload it again!

The TS+ system was really great- no comparison to the paper based auditing system used previously. Staff were more engaged in the audit process and interested in seeing the results. Best part for me was being able to provide immediate feedback, when auditing so individual staff could see how much their poor practice affected the overall ward/department score – it made the results more personal and more real to them

I also loved how easy it was to access detailed results, by healthcare worker or moment – so simply, on the device when asked by Managers to provide feedback- no more shuffling through sheets of paper only to find I just don’t have the information they need

We have found Medical Audits an intelligent system which is easy to use. It saves time as it stops duplication of work.

It creates integrated monitoring reports for each area/dept. of the hospital which includes compliance with hand hygiene, compliance with clinical practices in a variety of areas and environmental monitoring; all of which can be used as key performance indicators for the area/dept.

All of this information is live and is continuously streamed to hospital management.

The auditing system from medical audits has made our hand hygiene auditing so fast and efficient…. I normally dread entering the data into the excel spread sheet for the National hand hygiene return but now I just click a couple of buttons and the system produces the national return in seconds... faster than boiling the kettle for a cup of tea!

It really was so easy to carry out the audits, so much time saved that I can put to much better use out in the wards.

We had three healthcare assistants auditing using Medical Audit’s Environmental Audit tools. I found that following just one day of use they were much more confident in relation to audit, there was a sense of ownership and responsibility.

They now understood the reason for auditing in relation to quality improvement and this knowledge had embedded in their practice.

Overall, they found using the auditing systen enjoyable and educational.

Very easy to use software leads the user logically through the audits

Software uses best practice guidelines giving the organisation assurance of accurate data

Very broad range of audit software encompassing both clinical and environmental targets

I like it!

Staff have commented that I am on the wards more often – I am – Using TS+ has meant I no longer spend hours in the office entering data and preparing reports.... since I started using TS+ for my hand hygiene auditing, the quality of reports I send to hospital board each month is really detailed - a number of consultants have actually approached me and asked for hand hygiene education after seeing these reports.

Implementation and training was easy and very professional. After just a few weeks everyone was auditing confidently – the immediate access to audit results has seen increased by-in from staff at ward and department level. Our impromptu education, we know is improving understanding and compliance with best practice standards.

TS+ from Medical Audits is a very user friendly system which has the potential to allow IPCN’s undertake more frequent hand hygiene audits, provide immediate and meaningful feedback to ward/department managers and thus assist in improving hand hygiene compliance. It would free up a substantial amount of time otherwise spent by IPCN’s generating post audit reports and in turn increases time spent in the clinical environment

It was so simple to use, a few minutes of explanation and I was confidently auditing and generating reports. We only have Wi-Fi in one part of our hospital.. but that was not an issue .. the reports and data were generated on the device as we audited and uploading the data was as simple as walking into the Wi-Fi zone about once or twice a week .. TS+ did the rest automatically ..the device just synced itself really.

From my perspective I found TS+ very easy to use. It definitely saved me a lot of time and auditing with TS+ fitted seamlessly into our busy day. The training mode is a definite advantage for getting use to the system initially then you are flying. The potential for additional audit tools is brilliant .. can’t wait

We were pleased to hear that there will soon be other audits available on TS+ … PVC and CVC care bundles, urinary catheter care bundles…. The idea that we can do all these audits and generate really detailed reports at the time of the audit without having to spend time at the computer inputting results and producing reports is a major benefit

We used the TS+ Technology System to carry out our mandatory HPSC audits.. We collected the data on two audit devices over the month, and then in the space of 20 seconds, generated the HPSC report on the computer and sent it to the HPSC – no data entry, no fixing errors - it was great not having to face entering all that data.. wow

I can only congratulate you and the rest of the team at Medical Audits on designing a system which is equally user friendly, innovative and efficient. TS+ has eliminated the need to spend time manually inputting data and generating reports thus allowing us to be where we should be, in the clinical setting. I eagerly await the remainder of the modules coming on stream

The TS+ Hand Hygiene auditing system is time saving, easy to use and produces many invaluable reports that can be used for training and education. It is a very good system and I would highly recommend it..

An intuitive system, we look forward to using it for our Health & Safety and Facilities audits across the Isle of Wight NHS Trust

The audit device itself generated a lot of interest from Staff during the audits. They liked the fact they could get feedback instantly and that it was easy to see which of the 5 moments needed more training. It didn't feel like I was training them but they were learning. I liked the fact that once I’d left the ward, I had no paperwork to face.. this freed much more of my time to do other audits and training. It’s really fabulous … auditing was so easy using TS+

I did find it very quick to use, efficient and in particular I liked the idea of being able to highlight non compliances (or areas of strong compliance)through the use of graphs.

I have loved using the TS+ auditing system.. The device is simple and easy to use, (training only took a few minutes); the instant access to results on the device meant I could provide feedback as I audited; and not having to face entering all the data when I got back to the office meant I had more time to do other audits and training

Medical Audits provided mobile mifi that worked a treat! The Auditing System sparked interest amongst staff being audited, rather than running away from me they came out of hiding and wanted to play with the audit device – this raised awareness. Staff actually expressed interest in borrowing the audit devices to use themselves in their own Departments – promoting ownership!

I have found using TS+ auditing technology system saved time on inputting data following the audits and it was great being able to give immediate feedback to each department at the time of the audit.

There was also a great response from the staff that I showed the device to, they were very interested to see the audit results immediately following the audit and liked how the device broke down the report into different categories and moments.

The auditing is going really well. The TS + Auditing Device is user friendly. I have found that the ability to give instant feedback is great. The TS+ auditing System allows us to correct practice and provide meaningful education for individuals and for departments.

Quality Assurance


Easy to use optimised user interface


Tripled audit capacity


Real time digital dashboards and reports


Ward digital dashboards


Immediate feedback


Action Plans

Developed by clinical professionals and technology experts

Personal, Specific,Immediate Feedback Delivers Real Impact For Change

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