National Maternity Indicator data collected by Medical Audits Software

National Maternity Indicator Software

Hospital Maternity Audit Software for monitoring maternal outcomes

The Maternity Data collection tool has been developed to enable streamlined collection and analysis of data related to the care and outcomes of mother and baby within the healthcare system.

Produce Maternity Indicator Data Returns in Seconds

You collect the data using our clinical audit software. Medical Audits software platform will produce the necessary reports and real-time data analysis.

Maternity services audit tool assists with analysis of maternal risks

The data collected also assists in analysis of the risk factors and patient profiles that can impact on outcomes for mother and baby.

Perinatal Risk Assessment audit tool

By understanding the risks and patient profiles hospitals can better put systems in place to reduce these risks, target training and education of healthcare workers to help them identify these risks promptly and provide education to potential mothers on ways to reduce their own risks.

Designed to Collect Maternal Indicator Data to support:

✔ The NHS Maternity Services Data Set (MSDS)
✔ Irish Maternity Indicator Data Returns
✔ Care Quality Commission’s maternity survey
✔ The NHS National Maternity and Perinatal Audit

This Maternity audit software has been developed to with reference to the following documents, standards and reports:

  • Patterns of Maternal Care in English NHS Trusts (indicators 2016) The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Health Service Executive, National Maternity Strategy (Creating a Better Future Together, 2016
  • Health Information and Quality Authority National Standards for Safer Better Maternity Services, 2016
  • Health Service Executive, Irish Maternity Indicator System (IMIS).2016
  • Department of Health, Ireland National Clinical Guideline No. 4, Irish Maternity Early Warning System (IMEWS) V2, 2019
  • World Health Organisation, WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist, 2018
  • Robinson 10 classification Maternity Risk assessment score

Clinical Audit to Improve Outcomes

Internationally Healthcare data is collected to monitor the standard of care provided to patients and to ensure that any poor practices can be quickly identified in order to improve practices and patient outcomes.

Clinical Audit Software

Clinical Audit is essential to enable governance and oversight of the delivery of care and ensure all that can be done to reduce risk of harm is put in place.

Quality Assurance


Easy to use optimised user interface


Tripled audit capacity


Real time digital dashboards and reports


Ward digital dashboards


Immediate feedback


Action Plans

Maternity Outcome Monitoring.


Medical Audits’ clinical audits have been developed to enable monitoring of practice and tracking of outcomes.... Supporting safe, effective care

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