Carry Out Your Environmental Audits Using Our Mobile, Paperless Auditing System

TS+ mobile auditing system provides a full suite of audits for healthcare settings including Environmental audits. These audits are based on best practice standards and guidelines and are so easy to use. You can audit all your healthcare facilities efficiently using our paperless, mobile, data capture system saving valuable staff time.

Karina Svarcaite, Compliance Manager, Assurance & Contracts, Essentia
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

The team have 5 full time auditors using Medical Audits software all day and every day

Diane Holland, Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Quality improvement tools so easy with medical audits

  • Carry out all your quality improvement audits using our simple to use TS+ Mobile Auditing Devices
  • No need to print out pages and pages of audits – Just take the Audit Device with you and Audit what you see – when you see it
  • No data to be entered when you get back to the office- It’s all there ready for you to review, disseminate and monitor

a revolutionary audit process- bespoke designed for infection prevention

  • The Audit device is so easy to use – A few minutes training and you or indeed your link nurses or department managers, can be confidently auditing linen, waste, sharps, equipment and environmental hygiene compliance
  • The data is collected and stored as you audit- No need to re-enter information or calculate results saving you time and increasing your auditing capacity

powerful analysis of your environmental hygiene management

  • TS+ analyses the data as you audit and provides Insightful Analysis in Visually Powerful Reports and Charts
  • A whole suite of reports are ready for you to view or download
  • The Range of reports and charts is second to none – Our In depth, practical Knowledge of Healthcare influences the range of data and choice of reports available

fast accurate easy auditing of environmental hygiene

  • TS+ provides mobile auditing technology makes auditing of all your wards, departments and hospitals environmental hygiene compliance easy and efficient
  • You can move from one audit type to the next, by simply touching the screen
  • Results are generated on the device as you audit, putting the results at your finger tips without leaving the clinical area

real time reports and feedback

  • You can enter the clinical area and carry out your environmental hygiene audit - TS+ provides the results – literally as you audit. You can then give feedback and plan interventions based on up to date results
  • TS+ facilitates immediate feedback. Results can be accessed on the audit device and detailed feedback given non compliances - before you leave

knowledge of safety issues monitored and actioned

  • Assess the knowledge of staff on key Infection prevention and Safety issues
  • Staff knowledge of Infection Prevention Issues can be recorded and training put in place to meet specific needs of staff groups
  • Impromptu training provided can then be recorded as an action taken

Regardless of what area of Healthcare you work in, a clean environment is a key component of Infection Prevention programmes.

At Medical Audits, we have a range of audit tools and software systems specifically designed for both acute care settings and primary care settings

Medical Audits TS+ systems comply with:

  • National Cleaning Standards for NHS England – NCS 2007 & NHS Cleaning Standards
  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – NICE (2011) Healthcare-associated infections: prevention and control : guidance (PH36)
  • EPIC3 : National evidence-based guidelines for preventing healthcare-associated infections in NHS Hospitals in England (Richard Wells Research Centre, College of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare,2013)
  • Health Protection Surveillance Centre (Ireland), 01 July 2014, Guidelines for the prevention and control of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO) excluding MRSA in the healthcare setting.
  • European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2020 Infection prevention and control for the care of patients with 2019-nCoV in healthcare settings.
  • Latest National Specification for Cleanliness in the NHS standards (2020, draft)
  • The NHS Cleaning Manual: NPSA, 2009
  • Regional Healthcare Hygiene and Cleanliness Audit Tool. (NHS, NI, 2013)
  • Compliance and Quality Improvement Data Collection Tool for SICPs 2014
  • Infection Prevention Society (IPS) acute and non acute audit tool (2012)
  • ICNA audit tool standards (Infection Control Nurses Association, 1995)

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Audit standards meet the CQC & HIQA standards shown here as well as Infection Prevention & Control Standards

"Audit and feedback as part of a strategy for improving performance and supporting quality and safety in European health care systems"

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