Ceiling of Treatment and DNA CPR software for auditing compliance with recording of resuscitation status

Clinical audit software that’s suitable for use in all acute hospitals and community care settings including:

✔ Care homes
✔ Nursing homes
✔ Dementia services
✔ Residential care services
✔ Disability services
✔ Hospital wards and departments

Medical Audits Clinical Audit Software platform

Our ceiling of treatment and DNA CPR audit software is one of the audits in our extensive range of paperless audit systems for monitoring compliance with patient assessments.

The range includes audits to monitor:

✔ Dementia Assessment and Dementia care
✔ Nutrition and Malnutrition (MUST) assessments
✔ Falls risk assessment software
✔ Patient Hydration assessment audit system
✔ Rehabilitation services
✔ Pressure ulcer prevention audit software


This nursing care software has been developed by healthcare professionals to enable the monitoring of your hospital’s compliance with NICE guidance in line with the National initiative that recommends that every patient has their ceiling of treatment and their resuscitation status considered and formally documented in their care record.

This ceiling of treatment and DNA CPR audit software is based on review of standards, guidelines and research relating to best practice for caring for patients approaching end of life including:

✔ Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014
✔ Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009
✔ National standards for safer better care (HIQA, 2012)
✔ National Standards for Residential Care settings in Ireland (HIQA, 2016)
✔ National Standards for Settings for Older People in Ireland (HIQA, 2016).
✔ The fundamental standards of care (CQC, 2017)
✔ COVID-19 rapid guideline: managing COVID-19 (NICE guideline NG191; 2021)
✔ End of life care for adults: service delivery (NICE guideline NG142 2019)

Standards of Nursing Care

Every patient should have their ceiling of treatment and their resuscitation status considered and documented formally, in line with the national initiative.

This audit software has been developed to enable monitoring and evidencing of compliance with patient assessment in relation to their ceiling of treatment and recording of DNA CPR directives in their care records

Increasingly, medically complex, chronically ill patients are being managed in the community rather than as long-term in-patients. When they become acutely unwell and can no longer be safely managed at home, they are often brought to the ED for assessment.

A small number of these chronically unwell patients, in the event of a sudden deterioration, will already have expressed their wishes for treatment in the form of a care plan or advanced directive, or in the event of a cardio-respiratory arrest, a Do not attempt resuscitation or DNA CPR form.

However, more often than not, no such plan exists and, where appropriate, it often falls to the Emergency physician, in conjunction with the patient and next-of-kin, to determine one.


Ceiling of Treatment

Ceiling of Treatment is an agreed plan for the acceptable level of treatment to be provided for the patient during an acute episode of deterioration. It is not a binding advanced directive, but is designed:

  • to provide continuity of care and good communication
  • to provide information about, as well as appropriate limitations to, interventions which are likely to be burdensome, futile or may be contrary to the patient’s wishes.

The Ceiling of treatment audit software has been developed to assist with monitoring of compliance with the paperwork, documentation and procedures around effective management of patient’s resuscitation status and treatment options.

Do not attempt resuscitation (DNACPR) audit software

A do-not-attempt resuscitation order, or DNACPR order, is a medical order written by a doctor.

It instructs health care providers not to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if a patient's breathing stops or if the patient's heart stops beating.

The audit tool is designed to enable monitoring of compliance with this process across your hospital, care home or trust.


Because all our software systems combine into one complete auditing and quality assurance system, you can seamlessly audit across acute hospitals, primary care teams, Hospices, residential care settings, Dental practices, GP practices, out-patient clinics and more.

Medical Audits Auditing and Quality Assurance Systems Provide the clinical software for Monitoring Patient Care Standards and Infection Prevention practice everywhere care is delivered

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