Accredited IPC Champion and IPC Link Nurse Training Programmes

Infection Prevention & Control Training Specialist

  • Medical Audits’ Infection Prevention Team have developed a bespoke Link Nurse Training Programme for Infection prevention and control.
  • The programme has been designed and developed to increase the Infection Control knowledge of general nurses and to provide them with the basic skills to act as champions for infection prevention and control in their area of work.
  • The programme can be delivered over individual days or a number of days together, depending on your individual needs.
  • We ensure the sessions are informative, enjoyable and promote a keen interest in Infection prevention and control.
  • All attendees will receive a certificate of competence to demonstrate they are a Champion in Infection Prevention and control.
  • This Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) approved programme has Continuous Professional Development 7 CPD points per day.

What are Infection Prevention and Control Champions?

Many hospital and community based Infection prevention teams elicit the assistance of local staff interested in Infection Prevention and Control to assist with the support and training of their colleagues in the basics of Infection Control.

These link nurses or Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Champions receive extra training in hand hygiene, basic infection control standards and guidelines and auditing so they can act as an advocate and local resource for Infection Prevention.

Training for Infection Control Link Nurses and Champions

Medical Audits have developed a Training programme for IPC Link Nurses and Infection control champions that we can deliver on site in your local hospital or health centre.

We bring everything that’s needed so you just need to get everyone together and leave the rest to us.

Your staff will really enjoy our Infection Control Link Nurse training programme

Responsibilities of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Link Nurses and Infection Control Champions

Responsibilities can vary but it is important to remember the role is a support role and not designed to replace the need for experienced, qualified Infection Prevention Nurses

Some of the responsibilities might include:

  • Be an advocate for IPC in their ward/department
  • Assist with implementation of local IPC interventions in their own ward /department.
  • Collaborate with manager/supervisor to ensure that all staff are made aware of infection prevention/control standards and that the department is fully prepared for visits from National Auditors such as HIQA, JCI and NHS Improvement
  • Acts as resource for infection prevention/control to other staff members
  • Participate in IPC audits with local Infection prevention and control nurses
  • Seeks correction of environmental problems pertaining to infection prevention/control
  • Participate in staff/unit meetings and provide input to current issues related to infection prevention/control
  • Maintain a clean and safe patient care environment, implement and follow infection prevention/control procedures
  • Attend and/or represent their unit at Infection Prevention/Control Committee meetings as indicated
  • Assist in orienting new staff to infection prevention/control activities

Professor Zena Moore
Professor and Head of the School of Nursing & Midwifery

Royal College of Surgeons - Ireland

"Ann’s overall preparation for, and delivery of, the lectures was outstanding and the students were provided with up to date lecture notes, reading material and references which facilitated a clear linkage between what was taught and the underlying evidence to support arguments made. The feedback from the students was excellent and all performed well in their examinations and assignments, indicating clear understanding of the material presented during the programme."

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