Quality Improvement & KPIs: Environmental Audits, IV Device Bundles, Preventing Falls & Pressure Ulcers & more

Medical Audits TS+ Auditing Technology Provides Paperless, Mobile Auditing Systems for your policy, environmental and observational practice audits

TS+ mobile auditing system captures the data during the audit process at the point-of-care and provides real time access to results on the audit device enabling immediate feedback at the point-of-care.

TS+ auditing system has been created specifically for mobile auditing. It has been created by developing its own bespoke operating system version and auditing and reporting software suites with huge emphasis on the user experience, resulting in its unique interactive tablet and web user interface.

“Compliance with policies is monitored through policy, environmental and observational practice audits” CQC, 2012

Patient Outcomes Rely on Best Practice

In order to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients, healthcare facilties- whether primary, acute, long term care or rehabilitation must ensure the care they provide is based on best practice policies and procedures

Mary Aubrey, Interim Chief Nurse and Quality Improvement Advisor to the CEO
Isle Of Wight NHS Trust

Auditing of Practice and Compliance Essential

Observational audits of practice with feedback to staff is essential if practice is to be improved and maintained

Results of audits require follow up actions and interventions to close the loop on issues identified

With Medical Audits Healthcare Technology, all your auditing, reporting and compliance monitoring can be done with One WHOLE HOSPITAL system – designed specifically for mobile auditing and so easy to use

High Impact Interventions

High impact interventions are proven to imrpove patient outcomes and save lives

They must be embedded into practice in healthcare with audit and feedback of compliance essential to ensure consistant practice is maintained and Continuous Quality Improved achieved

Ruth Scott, Clinical Lead and Theater Manager
Kingsbridge Private Hospital Sligo

“It fosters accountability for the staff, because they take ownership of that once the audit is built, and they want to bring the standards up. So, from a patient’s safety perspective, it’s fantastic!”

“I would recommend it to any other hospital”

Medical Audits provide audit systems for these high impact interventions and much more

Environmental Hygiene and Cleaning Audits

A Clean physical environment and clean equipment is essential to safe patient care. Monioring systems to ensure all components are included in these programmes is essential.

Target your cleaning resources efficently to meet your needs

Measure and Monitor cleaning and hygiene standards throughout your whole facility

Prompt identication of issues and plans for interventions to improve areas of concern must be in place

Medical Audits provide a whole suite of Environmental Hygiene audits that ensure seemless auditing and feedback can be achieved

a clean environment is a key component of infection prevention programmes. keeping patients free from harm

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Audit standards meet the CQC & HIQA standards shown here as well as Infection Prevention & Control Standards

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