Hospital SUPER Ward Audit Software - A ward audit tool to help you achieve a SUPER Ward

Mary Aubrey, Interim Chief Nurse and Quality Improvement Advisor to the CEO
Isle Of Wight NHS Trust

What is the hospital SUPER Ward audit tool?

Super ward combines a range of concise, targeted audit tools designed specifically for ward managers to complete during daily ward rounds.

If all the standards are met, you can be assured you have a SUPER ward that can demonstrate how your hospital ward addresses the key lines of enquiry for care quality commission (CQC) inspections.

The hospital SUPER ward audit tool combines the key components of safe effective patient care with the key requirements for a perfect ward environment including:

✔ Key lines of Enquiry (Care Quality Commission, 2017)
✔ Health and Safety standards (HSE, 2017)
✔ NHS cleaning standards (NHS, 2018 Draft)
✔ Standard Infection control Precautions (SICPs, 2015)
✔ Fundamentals of Care audit (NHS, Wales)
✔ NICE patient safety standards
✔ Nutrition & Hydration standards
✔ Medication Safety standards

Super Ward

BACKGROUND to the hospital SUPER ward audit tool

Daily Ward Rounds are an essential component of a hospital ward manager’s role whether they are working the the NHS, the HSE or in Private hospitals. They can assess patient case mix, review staffing, inspect the ward environment for Health & Safety issues, check patient care records and so on – basically checking for any possible risks and then mitigating them with immediate actions.

The requirement to Audit has become another key part of the role of ward managers, eating into clinical time and creating an ever increasing burden on clinical staff.

Auditing is a necessity as it provides standardised data on compliance and helps identify risks which can be used to drive improvements.

But we need to make it easier, less time consuming and more real-time and we need to make the auditing process integral to the working day and not always something that’s done later, when time allows.

Hospital SUPER Ward Audit tool solves the problem

Medical Audits SUPER ward audit software combines the requirements of the ward manager’s role with their audit requirements for:-

✔ Health & Safety,
✔ Infection Control,
✔ Environmental hygiene,
✔ Patient safety,
✔ Medication safety,
✔CQC key lines of inquiry and more,

SUPER Ward audit tool can capture the work being done by hospital ward managers daily AND support them in their goal for a perfect ward environment for patients, staff and visitors.



Easy to use optimised user interface


Tripled audit capacity


Real time digital dashboards and reports


Ward digital dashboards


Immediate feedback


Action Plans

Medical Audits SUPER ward audit tool can be used to help identify areas where action is needed and drive local ownership of quality improvement.

Medical Audits – The Company

Medical Audits have been designing, developing and supplying Audit and Quality assurance software to hospitals, community care teams and Healthcare service providers for over 7 years across the NHS, HSE and Private hospital network.

We are experts in healthcare. Our team comprises of Healthcare professionals with years of experience in clinical practice as well as a Software developers and Technical staff with expertise in designing software for healthcare professionals.

Medical Audits – The Software Platform

Our software platform has been bespoke developed for mobile auditing in clinical environments.

We know Healthcare so we understand the challenges faced by clinical staff overwhelmed with the need to provide assurance of quality, evidence of compliance and data on non-compliances.

We know you need software systems that will provide detailed analysis and tracking capabilities but have an easy to use professional interface and above all be reliable and keep your data safe.

We have over 90 different audit and quality assurance systems ranging from Hand hygiene audit tools and cleaning audit tools to in-depth surveillance systems and clinical audits for sepsis management.

Medical Audits hospital SUPER Ward software System is based on Best International standards, guidelines and legislation.

Our audit tools and quality assurance systems include the evidence based practice recommendations from:

  • Key lines of enquiry – Care Quality Commission (CQC) 2017
  • Health and Safety at work Act 1974 with amendments to date - Health & Safety (HSE), 2018
  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
  • Health Protection Scotland SICPs audit tools (NHS Scotland, 2015)
  • Fundamentals of Care audit (NHS, Wales)
  • Saving Lives, high impact intervention audit tools (NHS England, 2017)
  • High Impact Interventions (NHS Improvement & IPS, 2017)
  • Royal College of Physicians in Ireland Care bundles (2013).
  • Health Protection Scotland care bundles (2013).
  • Centre for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and definitions (2012).
  • EPIC 3 Guidelines on prevention of HCAI in England (2012).
  • Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-related Infection in Ireland (HPSE, 2012)
  • National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) clinical guidelines.
  • Health Protection and Surveillance Centre (HPSC) Ireland guidelines
  • Surgical site infection prevention tool kit (One Together 2017)
  • Ministry of Public Health, (MoPH), Qatar Infection Prevention and Control Manual (2013)
  • Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare (2010)
  • Joint Commission International (JCI) toolkits for invasive devices (2013)

And many more…..

Medical Audits Hospital Infection Prevention and Quality Management Software Solutions

We know every moment counts ... and we are committed to making sure every moment is an opportunity to teach, learn and ultimately improve practice and prevent harm.

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