Audit compliance with NHS National Standards for Food and Drink with Medical Audits software systems

Medical Audits NHS Food and Drink standards audit software includes a suite of audits for monitoring compliance with food safety across your organisation.

The SUPER FOOD audit is a package of audits for monitoring compliance with food safety standards across all areas of healthcare including the NHS National Standards for Food and Drink (Nov 2022).

Included in the software package are audits for monitoring:

  • Documentation audit
  • Infection Control in food safety audit
  • Hand Hygiene in food handling audit
  • Food handler’s audit
  • Raw Materials audit
  • Food Preparation audit
  • Food Storage audit
  • Cooking safety audit
  • Service audit
  • Pest Control audit

Patient Nutrition (MUST) Assessment Monitoring

Monitor patient Nutrition and Hydration using Medical Audits specifically designed audit software for use by staff working in wards and departments.

Developed in liaison with Nutrition and Hydration specialists, this software is easy to use and provided detailed information on compliance at local level to ensure patients get the standards of food and drink required for safe and effective care.

The Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) is a validated 5-step nutrition screening tool for identifying adults at risk of malnutrition.

This tool is incorporated in the Medical Audits Patient Nutrition Assessment Audit software.

NHS National Standards for Food and Drink (Nov 2022)

These standards form part of the legally binding standards in the NHS Standard Contract as well and are also part of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Organisations are responsible for monitoring their own compliance with these standards.

Monitoring of compliance should include:

Food Safety- Use the Medical Audit’s SUPER FOOD audit for monitoring Food Safety

Ensuring that food served is safe to eat is a legal obligation.

Monitoring of the safety of food storage, preparation, cooking, serving and delivery is essential to ensure safe food.

Food Safety audit tools to measure your organisation’s compliance with:

  • Staff food safety Training,
  • Infection Prevention and Control related to food,
  • Health and safety during the storage, preparation, handling and serving of food and beverages,
  • Safe work processes related to food handing.

Ward Assurance - Use the Medical Audit’s SUPER FOOD audit for monitoring Food Safety

Organisations must implement a range of quality metrics specifically on nutrition and hydration care.

All wards and relevant departments must demonstrate annually they have achieved the baseline standard for assuring excellence and improving patient experience.

PLACE Audits – Design your own PLACE audit on the Medical Audits platform or use our off the shelf PLACE audit tool.

Using Medical Audit’s Food and Drink standards Audit software you can:-

  1. Enhance your quality assurance systems by using our tracking systems to provide assurance of remedial actions taken
  2. Address governance and risk assessment requirements
  3. Evidence compliance with the NHS National Standards for food and drink
  4. Use our range of trend reports to help provide for a culture of continuous improvement
  5. Compare your compliance rates across multiple sites and multiple areas
  6. Produce visually stunning real time dashboards and RAG tables
  7. Produce automated star rated certificates of food safety to display at department level
  8. Meet the NHS National Standards for Food and Drink (Nov 2022)

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The time spent by experienced specialist nurses in the clinical area, at the point of care, auditing practice, identifying care issues and educating staff is priceless

“It is essential that a culture of hand hygiene practise is embedded in every service at all levels” (HIQA, 2009)

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