Clinical Audit Design and Audit Development Service

Do you have paper based, word or excel audits that you are happy with but that you want integrated into a professional electronic audit platform?

Do you need some help and support to develop your audits to be a more efficient part of your hospital Quality Assurance System?

The Medical Audits Audit and Quality Assurance platform is used in many hospitals and healthcare settings for its great functionality and features that allow for the most streamlined, efficient and effective auditing processes and to aid communication for closing the audit loop.

Medical Audits can enable your audits to be portable and working on our audit platform giving you superior reporting functionality and dashboards and other features to help improve compliance.

Flexibility of your hospital audits with the benefits and features of our audit platform

Benefit from over a decade of our superb audit, reporting and monitoring quality assurance platform with the flexibility of your audit designs.

Medical Audits Can Integrate Your Audits into our Audit System

You give us your audits and we will work with you to design them for use on our Audit & Quality Assurance platform for you.

We will work with you and give you the benefit of our years of clinical experience and audit design expertise so you get the most of the data you are collecting.

Your audit data will then merge seamlessly into our quality audit systems providing you with all the features of our healthcare auditing and quality assurance system as standard.

Healthcare Audit Design Service

Medical Audits team of Healthcare professionals can also design your audits for you.

We can meet with you, discuss your requirements, and then work with you to design the audits that will collect the data you require in the most streamlined and efficient way.

Your audit data will then merge seamlessly into the Medical Audits system providing you with all the features for compliance monitoring and quality assurance that come as standard with our clinical audit systems and compliance monitoring tools.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Design Service

We have a range of patient satisfaction surveys and patient led assessments of clinical practice available, or you can give us your own survey and we will programme our Audit and Quality Assurance System so you can use it for your own patient surveys.

Healthcare Audit design service from Medical Audits

Medical Audits provide a professional service to NHS hospitals, HSE hospitals and Private Organisations

We provide the technical and clinical expertise to give you audit tools, surveys and forms to meet all your clinical audit needs and reporting requirements.

These audit tools, come with all the features of our Audit and Quality System so you can be prepared and can evidence compliance for Care Quality Commission (CQC), Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) and Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) standards.


Clinical Audit can be defined as assessing, evaluating and improving the care of patients in a systematic way. Setting of standards, measurement of practice compared to the ‘gold standard’, identification of deficiencies and addressing deficiencies (closing the loop) is an accepted model of clinical audit. (Medical Council 2006)

Clinical and Healthcare Audit involves comparing current practice to evidence based best practice in the form of standards, identifying areas for quality improvement and implementing changes to practice to meet the standards (HPS, 2014).

Clinical Audit Tools from Medical Audits

We cover all areas of healthcare from Hospitals, Nursing Homes, long-term care, Community, General Practice, Mental Health and Disability Services and Dentistry.

Our audit tools are comprehensive tools developed to support clinicians in meeting best practice standards.

We have a wide range of audits to support your quality assurance programme.

These audits have been developed by Clinical experts with years of healthcare expertise and have been designed by audit design and software experts to ensure they are simple and easy to use while also providing a depth of analysis that is second to none.

If there are other areas of practice you wish to audit or non clinical surveys you wish to conduct, we are there to support and guide you and will develop bespoke tools and audits to meet your specific needs.

Some examples of audits we have integrated for other customers include:
✔ Food Safety Audits
✔ Catering Audits
✔ Patient Satisfaction Surveys
✔ Staff Surveys
✔ PLACE Audits
✔ PEAT Audits
✔ Chart Audits
✔ JCI Preparation Audits
✔ Health and Safety Checks

As With All Medical Audits' Systems, The Data Is Available In Real Time On The Audit Devices AND On Up To The Minute Digital Dashboards, Providing Staff With Feedback As Soon As The Audit Is Completed.

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Easy to use optimised user interface


Tripled audit capacity


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Immediate feedback


Action Plans

Medical Audits Design Audit

Evidence Compliance with our range of detailed care bundles and audit tools using Medical Audit's TS+

Medical Audits Audit Design

Medical Audits provide the complete package for Healthcare auditing and quality assurance

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