Huge Range of Audit Software for Hospitals

Risk management and quality assurance are key to driving improvements in standards of care regardless of the healthcare provider.

Whether your organisation is a private hospital group, an NHS foundation trust or NHS community care team, a HSE hospital or you work with intellectual disabilities the need for audit to evidence compliance with Key Performance Indicators is an essential part of your quality programme.

Real-time, dependable, accurate audit data gives your healthcare organisation visibility on the risks and elements of your organisation that need your attention and provide evidence of the high quality care and services you provide.

Medical Audits Healthcare Audit Software Product Range includes:

✔ Huge range of Clinical Audit software for Nursing and Medical staff
✔ Infection prevention and control audit software
✔ Surveillance software for monitoring Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI)
✔ Hand hygiene auditing software
✔ National cleaning standards audit software
✔ Patient safety audit software including falls audit tools, pressure ulcer audit tools and more
✔ Cleaning Standards auditing software for hospitals
✔ Estates and facilities auditing software
✔ Environmental hygiene audit software
✔ Health and safety auditing software
✔ Software for auditing linen, waste, sharps, patient equipment and so much more
✔ Bespoke audit software development

Unique range of audit and quality assurance auditing software to support healthcare providers

At Medical Audits, our highly advanced, scalable and flexible audit and Quality Assurance platform gives healthcare providers the software they need for auditing and the real time data to help them identify solutions that will increase their efficiency and improve the quality of their performance.

We work in partnership with healthcare providers such as hospitals, care homes, Disability services and contract companies, continuously designing and developing bespoke audit software to meet their auditing and commissioning needs.

Amazing Features and Functionality as Standard

✔ Flexible, auditing software to meet all your hospital auditing needs
✔ Mobile auditing software for hospitals and the community
✔ Real-time digital dashboards
✔ Web-based reporting system
✔ RAG charts and tables in real time
✔ Trend analysis
✔ Embedded training and education tools
✔ Photo and note functionality
✔ Tracking of issues raised during audit
✔ Embedded action plans
✔ Worklist generation and export

Computerised off the Shelf (COTS) Software Solutions and bespoke software Solutions available

Medical Audits Auditing and compliance Software

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2002) definition of Clinical Audit as a quality improvement process that seeks to improve patient care and outcomes through systematic review of care against explicit criteria and the implementation of change’ is widely accepted in clinical circles.

Medical Audit’s healthcare auditing software is an essential component of your quality assurance programme.

The systems are easy to use, provide fast and efficient data collection and enable real-time analysis of results.

Your Infection Prevention and Control teams and Quality Assurance professionals can easily identify patterns and trends and plan interventions for improved safety and improved patient care.

Our customers report:-

Improve Patient Outcomes

✔ Reduced Infection rates
✔ Reduced Outbreaks
✔ Reduced Patient Harm
✔ Reduced device associated infections

Efficient Utilisation of Resources

✔ Tripled auditing capacity
✔ Increased efficiencies
✔ Real time feedback and reports
✔ No duplication of data entry
✔ Hours of report preparation time saved
✔ Released clinical hours

Infection Prevention Control Audit Software
Infection Prevention and Surveillance Software

Infection Prevention software designed in liaison with Infection Prevention professionals

audit and surveillance software

Mobile auditing software for healthcare auditing and surveillance programmes provides real-time data analysis and

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